R. K.‘s PRO  


                                                                                                                         804 Oceanview Drive, P.O. Box 43, Port Edward, B.C.  V0V 1G0

                                                                                             Phone : 250-628-9228    Fax :  250-628-9229   Cell  : 778-884-0165    Email:  rwk@citytel.net

                                                                                                                                                   DTC # 1492              HST # R126879444


                                          PACKAGE PRICES:    HST N/A

                                                        Class 1 Course                                36 Hrs                                           $ 4,500.00

                                                        Class 3 Course                                20 Hrs                                           $ 2,300.00

                                                        Class 3 to 1 Upgrade                       16 Hrs                                           $ 2,000.00


                                               SINGLE LESSONS:                    Truck only          $ 230.00 per 120 minute lesson

                                                                                     Truck and Trailer          $ 250.00 per 120 minute lesson

                                             -  There will be up to 2 students training at a time – maximum.  There may be 1 student training and 1 person observing.

                                             -  The actual amount of practice driving time during each 120 minute lesson will be 105 minutes.


                                           AIRBRAKE COURSE:                 16 Hrs  Theory                                             $ 265.00

                                             -  The knowledge test will be taken at the Access Centre.

                                             -  The student must pass the Air Pre-trip using the school’s tractor.


                                            EXTRA CHARGES MAY INCLUDE:

                                                       -  Learner’s License Fee                                           $ 15.00

                                                       -  Road Test Fee                                                    $ 50.00 to $ 60.00

                                                       -  ICBC Processing Fee                                           $ 28.00

                                                       -  Medical Exam                                                      $ 75.00 ( Approx )



                                                                            COMPANY / REFUND POLICY


                                   - For package courses we require a $ 500.00 deposit upon booking of your lessons.  The balance MUST be paid in full

                                      by the start of your first in-vehicle lesson.

                                  -  For single lessons, the fee must be paid before the start of each lesson.

                                  -  If you do not show up for your lessons, there will be no refund, as it is up to the student to be on time, and ready to learn.

                                  -  If you book a package, you must notify the school 2 weeks in advance – in writing – in order to be refunded your down-payment.

                                  -  After the 1st booked session has passed, there will be absolutely NO REFUND, as that time has already been blocked off for those

                                     training days with that student.

                                  -  There will be NO substitutions after start date.  The student enrolled will be the student trained.

                                  -  If you have booked for a single lesson, there will be no cancellation fee, but we would appreciate notification as soon as possible.

                                  -  ROAD EXAM WILL BE GIVEN BY AN ICBC EXAMINER.

                                  -  Road tests booked by the school MUST be cancelled 48 hours in advance, to avoid a $ 25.00 cancellation fee.


                                    The school does not guarantee that ICBC will issue a license.  This will be up to the individual upon completion of the appropriate

                                 tests.   The school does guarantee the student will be taught in a professional manner. 



                                         DATE :    _______________________________


                                         I have read and fully understand the conditions for Rates, and Company / Refund policy as stated above.


                                         Student Name: ______________________________________


                                         Student Signature:  ______________________________________